Peugeot Approved

Goodwins accident repair centre is a Peugeot approved body shop.

We are happy to be Peugeot's Independent body shop of the year for the 3rd year running in 2014. 

What ‘the best’ really means

  • Specialist Peugeot-trained technicians
  • An approved Peugeot repair centre
  • Only genuine Peugeot parts
  • A replacement car while yours is off the road

 All Part of the Service 

FREE Peugeot Accident Assistance takes a load off your mind by:

  • Collecting your car after an accident
  • Assessing the damage and handling the work at an approved Peugeot Accident Repair Centre near you
  • Contacting your insurer

 Insist on the best for your Peugeot

So, you’ve had an accident. And you want your car back on the road ASAP. Your insurer may recommend a repairer for any car repairs required. But are they going to be more interested in the quality of the work…or keeping costs down?

If you want the best for your car, insist on a Peugeot Approved Accident Repair Centre.

Peugeot Approved Bodyshop’s

Peugeot Accident Assistance


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