Non-Fault Accident Repairs


Here at Goodwins we understand that having an accident can be upsetting, inconvenient and worst of all Costly. Thats why we offer a range services at competitive prices to restore your vehicle to its original condition. 

If you have an accident and its not your fault, we can manage your claim through our accident management firm. Repairs can be authorised and a courtesy car can be provided for the duration of the repairs. Best of all, this will not affect your insurance, and will not cost you your excess and no claims. 

All monies are claimed from third party insurance directly and any personal injuries sustained claimed on your behalf. 

Why choose Goodwins? 

Financial Benefits

  • No win, No fee

  • No insurance excess to pay

  • Home visits available
  • Maximum valuation for your vehicle if it is written off 

  • Maintain your no claims bonus

  • £100 Gift Card for each personal injury claim*

  • Recover all losses and expenses resulting from the accident
  • All injury claims managed

Replacement Vehicle

  • A like for like replacement vehicle for the duration of the repairs or until payment is received for your write off
  • Same day delivery of your replacement vehicle

All work comes with a complete guarantee of a minimum three years and analysis of the work undertaken; if the vehicle is under warranty we will continue to cover the repairs to match the manufactures specifications.

REMEMBER - you are legally entitled to choose a body shop of your own choice to repair your vehicle. 

* Gift Card for all Leading department stores. Please call for more details.